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The Opioid Emergency Response Team held its initial meeting on December 19, 2017. It was announced that PEBA, which provides insurance for public employees in South Carolina, will voluntarily adopt the five day limitation on initial opioid prescriptions for acute and post-operative needs by March 1, 2018. Although other health insurance providers may adopt this reimbursement policy in the future, only PEBA and DHHS administered programs will be impacted by this restriction as of the writing of this email. The intent of this restriction is to prevent the development of opioid addiction arising from an excessive prescription for acute and post-operative pain management needs.

These executive orders do NOT restrict the prescriptive authority of any provider authorized to prescribe controlled substances in this state and do NOT impact treat prescriptions for the treatment of chronic pain. Further, these executive orders do NOT prohibit a provider from prescribing a refill of the initial five-day supply; however, providers should carefully evaluate whether non-opioid alternatives may better serve the patient’s needs when considering a refill.

The Opioid Emergency Response Team will hold its next meeting on January 22, 2018. Additional updates will be provided as this interdisciplinary team advances its efforts to combat this public health emergency.

Thank you for all that you are doing to rebuff the opioid epidemic in your respective profession. Please direct any questions that you may have to the administrative staff of the appropriate licensing board. Contact information for each board is available on LLR’s website at